The Hillbilly Moonshiners Bluegrass Band

Live stream concert announcement

by Sammy Stonewasher
in News

Dear all,

We feel that, in times like these, it is important to unite. Of course, we can’t perform in front of a live audience now, but that doesn’t stop us from making music. That is why we’ve decided to team up with WeertFM and Brouwerij de Natte Gijt to set up a live stream concert on Saturday March 28th (next week) at 8:30 pm.

The most important element of a Hillbilly Moonshiners concert is that each and everyone that’s present has a good time. For us, a good time means that you have a drink with your best friends, while enjoying live music. Our love for beer is something we have in common with Marc and Rudy from Brouwerij de Natte Gijt, so we decided to brew ‘Billy’s Brew – The Greatest of All Time’ – which will be available in store next week.

We would love to raise our glass with each and everyone of you to celebrate this release during these crazy times – digitally and from a safe distance. 😉

To order your Billy’s Brew, follow these steps:

1. You can buy your Billy’s Brew at your local liquor store;
2. If you live in the Weert/Nederweert/Stramproy area, drop a line at and they will take care of your order;
3. Order your Billy’s Brew via Het Biermoment.

A special thank you to Geert Gabriels at Gemeente Weert for helping us out in making this concert happen.

Crazy times ask for crazy plans. We hope to see you at the show.

Sammy, Marty, Larry, Nicky, Jean and Marty.