The Hillbilly Moonshiners Bluegrass Band


Est – 2016

 The Hillbilly Moonshiners are a contemporary bluegrass band playing your favorite tunes from today and back in the day. That’s right, folks: The Hillbilly Moonshiners drench your dearest radio hits in some dirty Louisiana swamp water. Heehaw!

These five greasy, ungentlemanly Southerners (or Rednecks, if you will) like to have a good time, Bayou-style. Relive classic tunes by artists like George Baker and Bon Jovi, and party to modern day hit songs by Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé, Pharrel, and the like. So, gulp down your homebrewed, vitamin-rich moonshine (you know, the type that made your cousin Wade go blind!) and shake that ass like it’s the Summer of 69!

2017 years after the year of our Lord, The Hillbilly Moonshiners will have played at over 200 different venues in a single year’s time! Would you believe that?! They played bars, theaters, music festivals, and festivals of other types. They shared the stage with the Steve ‘N’ Seagulls, Saybia, Kensington and The Common Linnets.

The Hillbilly Moonshiners play Mumford and Sons
It is hard to not have seen Mumford and Sons live over the past few years. The British folk band played all the major festivals, including Pinkpop Festival, Lowlands Festival, Glastonbury Festival and Lollapalooza and had massive hit singles with songs such as ‘I Will Wait’, ‘Lover of the Light’ and of course ‘Little Lion Man’.

The Hillbilly Moonshiners play all the hits and less familiar tunes by the British folk band. From ‘Sigh No More’ to ‘Babel’ and straight into the ‘Wilder Mind’ repertoire. They might even surprise you with a bootleg or a cover the band did themselves during one of their shows. The Hillbilly Moonshiners play Mumford and Sons, about as close as a tribute to M&S can get!



The Hillbilly Moonshiners are Sammy Stonewasher, Marty the Aussie, Larry the Goose, Marty the Geek and Michael W. Krust.

Short Bio

The Hillbilly Moonshiners is a country band that plays well known songs in a country flavored way. Expect hits from artists such as Bryan Adams, The Weeknd, Beyoncé and many others.

Live Performance


• Played over 200 shows all across Europe.
• Performed alongside acts as Kasabian, Bear's Den, The Common Linnets, Kensington, De Staat, Pierce Brothers and many others.
• Performed at big festivals and venues such as Sziget Festival, Dauwpop, Bevrijdingsfestival Limburg, Nirwana Tuinfeest, Muziekgieterij Maastricht, De Meester Almere and De Duycker Hoofddorp.
• Ran their own headlining Mumford and Sons tribute tour through The Netherlands.
• Had a Christmas hit single with 'Dashing Through The Snow'.
• Collaborated with Fred Kevorkian (Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson and many others).
• Had airtime on Dutch radio stations '3FM', 'NPO Radio 2', 'Q-Music', 'Radio Veronica'.
• Was seen on Dutch TV station 'TV Oranje'.

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• Recording King Guitars, Ludwig Drums, Suzuki Harmonica's, EMP Music, Pat Sticks / Balbex, Jesus Gets The Girl, PLB Sound & Light, Gemeente Weert.

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Can't Feel My Face

Originally performed by The Weeknd

Released: September '16