The Hillbilly Moonshiners Bluegrass Band

New single 'Can't Feel My Face'


29 Oct Kei Festival Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands Tickets
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19 Nov Private Event Weert, Netherlands Tickets
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16 Dec Cowboy Up Oostkamp, Belgium Tickets
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14 Jan 10 PINTER FESTIVAL Bladel, Netherlands Tickets



The Hillbilly Moonshiners will be organizing a band night at Café de Harmonie in the Dutch town of Weert on Saturday October 15th. Local bands from the municipalities of Weert, Nederweert, and Cranendonck can sign up to get a spot on stage during this night, and also to compete to become one of the support […]


Yeehaw! Our long awaited new single arrived today! Originally performed by a Canadian guy called The Weeknd and presumed to be a song about (or as the Canadians would say ‘aboot’) cocaine. Let’s just say it’s moonshine in our case. Many thanks go out to all the people that helped us make this song the […]